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sindhyat and sindhi

Sindhyat and Sindhi

Sindhyat means the special features, qualities and behaviour of a community which is recognized as Sindhi community. Hence, by Sindhyat we mean the peculiar life style which makes Sindhi community distinct from other communities. Our customs, beliefs, faith and tradition, way of thinking and behaviour are quite different from that of other communities.

The essential condition for being Sindhi is not to be born in Sindh or to know the Sindhi language, but to feel oneself Sindhi, recognize oneself as a Sindhi, be recognized by others as a Sindhi.

Thus, we may conclude that Sindhyat is the emotion that makes a person feel that he/she is Sindhi and also makes others to recognize him/her as a Sindhi. Sindhyat is thus the identity of Sindhi society.

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