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Sindhi Festivals

Sindhi Festivals

Festivals sustain the features of community in time and space. The Sindhi community celebrates many festivals, which signify its customs and traditions and help us to understand the community. A brief of some of the festivals which are rejoiced mostly by Hindu Sindhis are given below.

  1. Cheti Chand (Sindhyat Day): This is an important day for Sindhis as Udero Lal, the saviour of Hindu Sindhis was born on this day in the year 950 A.D. Udero Lal (also known as Jhulelal) saved Sindhis from the cruelties of Muslim ruler Mirkh Shah. After the partition of India, Sindhis in India have been celebrating this as Sindhyat Day.
  2. Akhan Teej: This festival is celebrated on the third day of Vaishakhi (Indian calendar month). On this day people make donations and presents are sent to married daughters. The essence of this day is the belief that the donation made on this day is permanently beneficial.
  3. Chaleeho (Forty days): Many Sindhis observe forty days of fast and worship 'Jhulelal' during the month of Ashad (Indian calendar month) around setting in of monsoons in India.
  4. Gogro (Nag Panchami): In the month of Shravan (Indian calendar month) people worship the snake God by offering it milk and fruit. This festival brings about feelings of compassion towards those animals with whom we share this planet.
  5. Nandhi Thadhari: During monsoon months (generally August) the Indian climate is not favourable for digestion and on this day pre cooked cold food of particular types is eaten, which is supposed to improve the digestion.
  6. Vadi Thadhari: This is similar to Nandhari Thadhari. The only difference is that this is celebrated on the seventh day of the month of Shravan (Indian calendar month) during waning phase of lunar month.
  7. Teejri: In the month of Shravan (around August) on the third day, unmarried girls and married women observe a fast and worship some plants such as Tulsi plant. In the evening after praying and offering water or milk to the Moon God this fast is broken.
  8. Ban Badhri: On this day Lord Vaman had tied King Bali. The interesting ceremony on this festival includes putting water and stones in a pan, a small boat is made from weeds, a lamp is lighted and then a baby is put in the lap and Lord of Water is worshipped.
  9. Lal Loi: This day is celebrated on the eve of another festival called Utranu. Lal Loi represents the era when the new year used to start in the month of Nahari (Indian calendar month, around November-December). On that day yogis and other people perform 'yagyas'. Now a days Sindhi new year starts on Cheti Chand (around March-April). Lal Loi thus reminds us of the way new year was celebrated in the past.
  10. Utranu (Makar Sankrat): There are twelve astrological Rashis according to Indian astrology. Makar is one of them. The day when the Sun enters the zone of the Makar Rashi, is called Makar Sankrat. Makar Sankrat or Utranu is celebrated on the 14th of January every year . This day is also known for eating of Sesam Seeds, sweets and turnips

In addition to these festivals there are many other festivals that Sindhis celebrate along with other communities in India.

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