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Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts About Sindh & Sindhis

  1. Sindh has a very ancient history. A great scholar of Sanskrit grammar, Panini refers to Sindh in his book as ‘Sindh Sauveer’. Sindhu river has been eulogized in Rig Veda, which in one of the ancient four Vedas from India. Vedas were first recited on the banks of the river Sindhu.
  2. Origin of the words ‘Hind’ and ‘India’ is ‘Sindh’.
  3. Arabs led by Mohamed-Bin-Qasim conquered Sindh in 711 A.D. which was at that time ruled by Raja Daahir Sen.
  4. Mother of Great Moghal Emperor Akbar belonged to Sindh.
  5. The British conquered Sindh in 1843 A.D.
  6. Gandhidham in Kutch has been developed as a new home town for Sindhis displaced after partition of India. Gandhidham is the only privileged town to have ‘Gandhiji's Samadhi’ in addition to the one at Rajghat in Delhi.
  7. Forefathers of Sindhis used to visit Narayan Sarovar temple in Kutch as piligrims.
  8. Vankhandi Maharaj established the famous Sadh Bella in Sindh in 1824.
  9. Mohen-jo-Daro representing Indus Valley Civilisation dating back to around 3000 B.C. is located in Sindh.
  10. Prime Poet of Sindh Shah Abdul Latif’s ‘Shah jo Risalo’ is written in Lari dialect. Much of recent Sindhi literature and text books are written in Vicholi dialect of Sahiti and Hyderabad.
  11. The first Sindhi script was formed in 1853.
  12. Amongst all the Indian languages, the Quran was translated first of all in Sindhi language.
  13. Sindh has produced great poets like famous triumvirate Shah, Sachal and Sami. The first known poet of Sindhi was Qazi Qadan.
  14. Narayan Shyam and Sheikh Ayaz are two great Sindhi poets of 20th centuary.
  15. Poet Hundraj Dukhayal is considered to be a poet of masses.
  16. First Sindhi newspaper was started in 1866.
  17. First Sindhi film named ‘Ektâ’ was produced in 1942.
  18. The first Sindhi film made in India after partition was ‘Abânâ’.
  19. C.H. Atma and Bulo C. Rani were two famous Sindhi playback singers who recorded songs for many Hindi films.
  20. First postal stamps in India were introduced in Hyderabad, Sindh in 1852.
  21. The first railway train in Sindh started in 13th May 1867 from Karachi to Kotri.
  22. In India, the first Air flight was started from Mumbai to Karachi, Sindh.
  23. D. J. Sindh college was the first college started in Sindh in 1887. In India also Sindhis have started many Colleges, the first one being Jai Hind College (1948) in Mumbai.
    List of some more colleges is given below :
    i). Rishi Dayaram National College & W.A. Science College, - Mumbai.
    ii). Kishinchand Chellaram (K. C.) College, - Mumbai.
    iii). Hassaram Rijhumal (H.R.) College of Commerce & Economics, - Mumbai.
    iv). Thadhomal Shahani Engineering College, - Mumbai.
    v). R. K. Talreja College, Ulhasnagar.
    vi). Sadhu Vaswani College - Pune.
    vii). Adarsh Girls College - Ajmer.
    viii). Tolani F.G. Polytechnic - Adipur-Kachchh.
    ix). Tolani Institute of Pharmacy - Adipur-Kachchh.
    x). Tolani Commerce College - Adipur-Kachchh.
    xi). Tolani College of Arts & Science - Adipur-Kachchh.
    xii). Tolani Institute of Management Studies - Adipur-Kachchh.
  24. The Indian Parliament House was constructed by a Sindhi building contractor Mr. Lachhmandas Dembla.
  25. Many big hospitals in India have been established by Sindhis. Some of these are : Jaslok, Hinduja and Raheja in Mumbai, Choithram in Indore and Budhrani Inlak in Pune.

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