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Sindhi Grammar - Adjective



An adjective is a word that qualifies a noun. It may indicate the quality, quantity and volume of noun like (سُٺو) 'good', (چارِ) 'four' and (گهَڻو) 'much'.

The adjective normally precedes the noun it qualifies but it can also follow the noun. For example:

A good boy.

suṭho chhokro.

. سُٺو ڇوڪرو

He is a good boy

hū suṭho chhokro āhe.

. هوُ سُٺو ڇوڪرو آهي

Here (سُٺو) 'good' is the adjective which precedes and also follows the noun (ڇوڪرو) 'boy'.

In sindhi, adjectives are of two types

  1. changeable, (adjectives ending with -O) like (سُٺو) 'good'
  2. unchangeable (adjectives not ending with -O) like (چالاڪ) 'clever'.

Changeable adjectives change according to the number, gender and case of the noun they qualify, for example noun (گهوڙو) 'horse' has the following forms.

Direct case:
Horse گهوڙو
Horses گهوڙا
Mare گهوڙي
Mares گهوڙيوُن
Oblique case:
On the horse گهوڙي تي
On the horses گهوڙن تي
On the mare گهوڙيِءَ تي
On the mares گهوڙيُن تي

With the qualifying -O ending adjective ([in sindhi]) 'good' the forms will be as follows:

Good horse سُٺو گهوڙو
Good horses سُٺا گهوڙا
Good mare سُٺيِ گهوڙي
Good mares سُٺيوُن گهوڙيوُن
On the good horse سُٺي گهوڙي تي
On the good horses سُٺَن گهوڙن تي
On the good mare سُٺيِ گهوڙيِءَ تي
On the good mares سُٺيُن گهوڙيُن تي

Comparison of Ajectives

When adjective compares the quality of two nouns (objects) the word 'than' is put after the second noun. For example:

. گهوڙو ڪُتي کان وڏو آهي

ghoṛo kute khāN vaḏo āhe.

A horse is bigger than the dog.

Note: For more adjectives in Sindhi, see the list of adjectives in Grammatical Vocabulary in Vocabulary Section.

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