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Sindhi Grammar - TypesOfSentences

Types of Sentences


A sentence is meaningfully complete group of words, consisting of an action or happening (represented by verb) and a doer of the action or the subject. In Sindhi, the verb generally comes at the end of the sentence, with the subject at its beginning. Other words, related to the verb or the subject come in between the subject and the verb.

  1. Simple Sentence
  2. Compound Sentence
  3. Complex Sentences

(a) Simple Sentence مُفرد جُملو

It has only one verb.


.مان کان ٿو

māN khāN tho.

I eat.

(b) Compound sentence مرڪَب جُملو

It has more than one verb and each verb is related to a part of the sentence, called clause. In compounded sentence, all the clauses are independent, joined by conjunction etc.


.موهَنُ لِکي پيو۽ رَميش پَڙھي پيو

mohanu likhe pyo aiN rameshu paṛhe pyo.

Mohan is writing and Ramesh is reading.

(c) Complex sentence مُرتب جُملو

It has more than one verb, and therefore more than one clause, out of which, one is main clause and others are subordinate clauses.


.موُن هِڪُ ڇوڪرو ڏِٺو جيڪو روئي پيو

múN hiku chhokro diṭ ho jeko roe pyo.

I saw a boy who was crying.

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